Time Travel, should I?

After years of dedicated work and being labelled a loon, I have invented the machine that will displace my body through time. Historically we have been taught to think of time as something passing. To quote the movie “The Man From Earth”, moving from what you were a nanosecond to what you will be a nanosecond later.

I have a great dilemma, should I now use this machine to travel through time or not. What are the implications of using it and what losses if I don’t use this invention.

On one hand, I have no idea where I will end up or when. My calculations make sense but will they be accurate enough?

What if I do travel to the past and somehow I contaminate not just the time line but also the environment. I have faced so many diseases and have been vaccinated several others, what if I carry the pathogen to the past and the people there are not immune and all die. Remember the Columbian exchange that wiped out large percentage of native Americans? How badly would that contaminate the time line.

Same thing could happen if I travelled to the future. I may travel to a place where all diseases that I carry were eradicated long ago and no one is immunized against them anymore. Like no one gets smallpox vaccine anymore. Lot of people would perish.

And what if I don’t use the machine and I was supposed to. What if I was to carry and leave behind strange cells of diseases roaming in my body and affect the way earth’s ecosystem grows. But what if I was the one who introduced life on earth or pass on the disease that will kill a small percentage of people and immunize the rest of the world against it.

What is the price of my using the machine?

I am not acting nervous for no reason. Remember the earth is running around the sun. The sun is on the journey around the center of the galaxy and the galaxy is going god knows where. What if there are things I don’t know and I end up in a time where earth is at a different location in space. My blood would boil away in the vacuum, there is no return from that.

What should I do?

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