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No, it’s not that. – cried I.

But they wouldn’t believe me. “It’s the movie that spooked you”. But I know what I saw and it was no figment of my imagination.

You know in the cold, the gas heaters make whistling sound. I always heard the sound and never cared until that night. It was the night I watched the Conjuring. It isn’t that scary, amityville was much scarier.

After finishing the movie, I went to the rest room. Looked out the window, a pair of chappy white lips moved in conjunction with the sound that I had always associated with hot air flowing through the metal pipes. Chill went through my spine from what I saw.

Still, today when I look from the corner of my eye, I see those chapped white lips, clear eyes staring at me and making the whistling sound.

But instead of believing me, they put me here. In this padded room. At least this place doesn’t have any heaters.