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Chromecast not found on Opensuse linux

If you cannot see you chromecast device on opensuse linux, it is because of the firewall. You will need to open UDP ports 32768 thru 61000.
Follow the following steps:

1. Open Control Center (Yast)
Yast-Control Center

2. Search for Firewall

3. Select Firewall

4. Select Allowed Services

5. Click on Advanced
6. Type 32768:61000 in UDP

7. Click on OK

8. Click on Next
9. Click on Finish

Click on image to see full size image.

Play local videos on chromecast

These steps allow you to watch movies stored on your computer on your TV using chromecast.

What you need:

  1. Chromecast
  2. Google  Chrome
  3. Google Cast Extension (get it here)
  4. VidCast Bookmark (this is an awesome bookmarklet, read more here)
  5. Web Server (try this)

Point the server to the folder where all your movies are stored.

Change port number for web server to something other than 80. Neither port 80 nor 8080 worked for me. Port 20020 worked for me.

Open Google Chrome and go to https://dabble.me/cast/?video_link=http://<you ip here>:<port-like-20020>/<movie-with-extension>

Now suppose you want to run movie named mymovie.mp4

For example: https://dabble.me/cast/?video_link=

Only formats listed here can be played.

Not working for you? Comment below.