Stripping Pride

She lied in her room alone with solace and pride. She moved to the neighbourhood despite her counsel. It was cheap enough for her to afford and save some money for school. Working at the low income job as a waitress wasn’t her idea of life but without realizing when or how she ended up here. Among the people she saw as low lives.
It was here, he first saw her. The sweet round face with a brown eyes and black hair. Her eyes shown with the pride and determination to lead herself out of her circumstances.

He was nobody. Bragging about the things he had done. Stealing where he could. Begging if he couldn’t. He started following her.
She became aware of his movements but did nothing about it for the fear of retaliation.

There was a thud followed by a crackling sound of breaking glass. A chill went down her spine. All the advice she had got for not renting the place past her eyes. Before long, someone tried pushing the door.

She slammed the door tight. But he was strong. He pushed back.

Her twin bed was covered with blue sheets and had Mickey mouse on it. The cartoon character that had seen a world change would today be a silent witness on crime against her.

He pulled his knife out and pushed it against her door. It pierced her flesh and she bled. She had never thought she would bleed this way. Again and again he pushed the knife in a harmonic motion and she cried moaned for it was anything but harmonic.

Knowing he had done her and satisfied with his hunger for crime fulfilled. He glanced at his knife covered with blood and other bodily fluids before tucking it inside.

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