Linux Mint

After using Ubuntu for about two years, I am moving away to Mint Linux. I am in the live boot from USB while the installation is proceeding in the background. That is the power of linux. However, it isn’t without glitches. Hit my snag first when trying to start with installation and it stuck at “detecting file system”. A quick search brought up this page, the problem seems to be with the partitioner in the installations software (Ubiquity).

I quickly fired the terminal. And went to root mode. (later realized this wasn’t needed.)

mint@mint ~ $ sudo su

then killed the ubiquity

mint mint # killall ubiquity

Then opened the gparted and formatted the partition I wanted and ran the installation again. And the installation was over before I finished this post.

P.S.: The terminal is amazing. See how when I was a normal user, the prompt color was green and once I became root, it became red. Simple but effective to tell you what you are – a dumb user or a root with the power to destroy.

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