Joomla Custom HTML module with javascript

I was trying to include google translate to my trust’s joomla website. There are basically two parts:

  1. Add Meta in header
  2. Add the dropdown somewhere in the page.

To add Meta you can edit the php page or edit the template. Use link:

To add the dropdown on the page, I was trying to add a Custom HTML module but the editor kept stripping the script tag (javascript), I read several blogs and trying things. Some people wrote new module, others created an HTML page and add a wrapper around it. The easiest thing that I came up with is to edit the joomla table that stores the modules details.

Create a Custom HTML module, add whatever text you need and save it. Go to your phpmyadmin, go to the table {joomlaPrefix}_modules  (normally for joomla 1.71 it is  jos171_modules), find your module and edit the Content column to include your required html/script.

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