Installing: Picapy – A Picasa Web manager

Google pulled out its support from picasa for linux back in 2012. Picasa 3.9 works fine on wine but I was looking for something native to linux and found picapy. A small application written in python.

Steps to install:

    • Download picapy from here
    • Extract picapy and rename folder to picapy
    • Download gdata from here
    • Extract gdata
    • Open terminal, go to gdata folder and type

sudo python install

    • Go to picapy folder in terminal and type

sudo mkdir /usr/share/picapy;sudo cp -R * /usr/share/picapy; sudo cp img/* /usr/share/picapy;sudo cp picapy.svg /usr/share/pixmaps;sudo cp picapy.desktop /usr/share/applications;sudo cp picapy.desktop ~/Desktop;

All set. You can read how to use here

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