Honour Killing

Recently, a woman was killed (stoned to death) in front of high court in Pakistan by her family for marrying someone without consent of her family.

This has sparked a media frenzy about honour killing in Pakistan. As per Wikipedia, this is not so uncommon in Pakistan and tolerated by both the police and the judiciary to most extent.

Lots of Indians are appalled by this. Let me remind you, India is as notorious about honour killing as Pakistan. Now and then you would hear father/brother cutting the heads off of the boy and girl who ran away to live a life of their own. This seems to be most common in Haryana followed by Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

Southern Indian states seems to be quite tolerant with letting their children live life their way and not murder them.  West Bengal, as per Wikipedia, is the state without this problem. Swami Vivekanand along with others seem to have put in some sense in these people. Hats off to them.

Yet Indians seem to have no apathy towards this honour killing, only the honour killing in Pakistan is incorrect because Pakistan is a Pakistan, nothing could be good there.

With the topic of honour in the marker.  We should look at the other Honour things. Like Honour Beating, Honour Imprisonment, Honour Muteness, Honour Blackmail, Honour Rage, Honour etc. etc.

Let me explain:

Honour Rage – When you go to your mom and say, “Hey mom, I want to become an artist”, mom relays this message to dad and dad brings up a rage saying you would die of hunger and beg on streets, if you chose the path of an artist. An engineer was a safer bet.

Honour Beating – So you go to your mom and say “No, I don’t care what dad says, I will become an artist”. Now your dad gets angrier, and starts beating you up.

Or you are a girl and you say no dad, I wanna marry him. Your dad would start beating you up. In comes the brother to let in some hand too.

Honour Imprisonment – OK, you said you wanted to marry, they beat you up. Now, whether you said yes or no, you will be honour imprisoned all the time. What time you go out, where you go, whom you talk, what messages you send, everything is tracked. You may even be locked at home.

Honour Blackmail – Now you would be blackmailed that if you still want to become an artist, you wouldn’t get a penny from their property, or something. (haven’t seen any Hindi movies lately, so not sure what other threats come)

Or your mom blackmails you that if you don’t get married in a good arranged marriage, your sisters/brothers/cousins/nephews/nieces would not get good matches.

Honour Muteness – Yes, your family members act mute in front of you; no one wants to talk to you. You are singled out for breaking the “moral” conduct of the prestigious name of the house.

With the last post on ego,  I have been thinking about society. How society has become the provoker of immorality while it was supposed to uphold morality. Society now praises a person who is rich because he is corrupt and looks down on an honest man for being poor. Society looks up to the person who cuts their children’s head and destroys the person who sided with their children’s happiness. Society praises the rapists for their power to rape and out-casts the person raped. Society makes the murder who doesn’t get caught a hero.

Society is corrupt and needs lesson on moral and correctness.

P. S. : FYI – my dad only slapped me once in my whole life. And I always wanted to become a computer engineer (I regret that decision now, I should have become a doctor like my dad wanted me to). So this is not about me.

P. P. S. : I was educated in British English, so it is honour and not honour for me.

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  1. Arpitha says:

    Is it honorable to be inconsiderate towards the people who love us the most?

    Or is the “honor” questioned because the people who love us the most make choices unfavorable to us, and people assume pushing the delete button on them would bring back the “honor”?

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