I have started working on a greasemonkey script. I tried using jquery but sadly the page I was working on doesn’t include jquery. Found this link which allows you to use jquery.

Later found out, it wasn’t required on the newer versions of greasemonkey which allows loading external js/css using @require. The mistake I was doing was: the @require tags are required between

// ==UserScript==
// @require
// ==/UserScript==

This is cleanly mentioned at the greasespot wiki here. That’s why the say read the manual.

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  1. hareesh says:


    i was about to say why all this heck of fancy library why can’t you just insert another script tag in run time like.

    function IncludeJavaScript(jsFile)

    but after seeing the the last line…. LOL

  2. hareesh says:


    my comment got embedded as script tag…

    • Sandip says:

      I am trying to embed script on a website I don’t control. I don’t think that can be with your simple script.

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