Flip Cover v/s case v/s bumper

I dropped my phone earlier and decided to blame it on the flip cover. Why blame the poor cover?


Flip cover – The most useless of all

  1. Flip covers get easily damaged if you fold them opposite side.
  2. If you don’t fold them on the opposite side, i.e. if you keep them open, your grip on the phone is pretty bad and the phone can fall easily if you are walking briskly.
  3. The flip cover does nothing to save your phone if it falls. The sides are exposed. The back and the screen would be protected, however because of the bad grip the phone would fall on its screen side.
  4. It is difficult to take pictures with a flip cover as you need to keep holding the cover.
  5. You need to open the phone to see the notifications.

Case -I like the cases very much. Its perfect with a screen guard. Be careful while selecting cases.

  1. If the case is hard, it will put scratches on the sides of the phone.
  2. One nasty thing about cases is that because of the way cases are designed, they pluck the screen guard off.
  3. Can cause heating issues.
  4. If your phone has NFC, the case can hinder with it.

Bumper – I have never used one. The idea is a good one and it would protect your phone as long as the phone falls on a flat surface. If your phone falls on gravel and the depth of gravel is more than the height of bumper, it is useless. Also, it doesn’t help from dust.

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