Enslaving with ego

In this modern world where slavery is supposed to be non-extant. How can you enslave not only a single human but a whole race? The word race and enslave in a single sentence arouses suspicion and is condemned. This suspicion and prohibitive stance towards talking about these, helps the masters.

It is “EGO”. In past couple of posts (1, 2); I discussed how ego was the villain of humanity. It is so powerful that it can enslave the self. But it is ignorance towards ego that allows those, who understand its power, to use it against the very person who thinks the masters cannot touch them. The very ego that makes them feel strong and free from the grasps of their opponents, is in truth, their opponents chains to bind and control.

You convince people that everything that is wrong with them is actually their pride. It is their way to doing things. It is their way of life. And anyone trying to convince them otherwise, is demeaning their self, their existence and their social/individual entity. Thus converting people who see their enslavement and want to help into their mortal enemies.

So how do you start this? First you alienate the women. Poke the ego of the men to objectify the feminine of their race. As human society has been mostly patriarchal in several centuries, this is easy. You can either constrain them by falsely pointing out that women are lower/weaker than men. A woman trying to fight for herself is wrong in doing so and should be taught a lesson.

In societies/religion where this is not allowed or difficult. You demean the women. You shape their brain to think that displaying and objectifying their self and body is what they want and not what they have been brainwashed to do. Doing so allows the men to see them as objects instead of equals.

With half of the population out of picture and successfully under control of one gender. If you can appeal to the ego of the remainder, you win the war on their brains and can enslave them. You twist your hand and the hands of your slaves twist their hands to force the subordinated women.

How do you control the men? Easy. Take away education from them. Make them think that it is their choice not to study. Or better if possible teach them the incorrect version of things. Help them idolize the criminals, the quitters, the mentally/physically unfit and the uneducated. Humans for some reasons are attracted to the wrong thing.  When the young see their older generation follow their enslavement with pride, they follow the same path.

There will be some exceptions, some strong willed people who understand there is something wrong with the society at large and want to change at least themselves, if not the world. Slowly this disease of self understanding will propagate and the slaves will see for themselves and break the chains. But till then, the masters can use/bend them, the way they want to.

Is everything written above actually true? – I don’t know but it falls into the patterns of society now.

Remember the story of how elephants are tied to thin chains they can easily break but because of experiences they assume themselves to be weak. Also, it took those who were slaved a long time to break the tradition and fight for themselves despite the fact that the number of slaves was mostly greater than their masters.

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