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To the bus bay

A different day indeed.
Finosys has been a land of fresh couple falling and learning to swim in love for the first time.
As I walked towards the bus bay, I saw a scene I had never seen before. A girl in teary voice yelling at the top of her voice at a boy much taller than her. She spoke in a language I hardly understood and didn’t want to hear at all at that moment. Her pitch and tone however spoke of a reply to the accusations the boy must have made.

So sad to have seen such a scene.

I moved ahead, the girls shrills had hardly left me when I saw a girl, tall and beautiful, rosy cheeks gazing at the boy walking together her with so much love and affection that it leaked. Her face gave a sense that there was no one in the wide world she would rather gaze.
The boy in return replying with a loving smile with his eyes.
I glanced downwards and saw them holding hands. Are they aware that they are holding hands or is it just second nature?
Had I ever held hands without knowing it?

But now that I sit to write this piece, more sinister thoughts move through me. How long will they be together?
Most love that blossom in Finy is like the white flowers that blossom in Finy’s vast lawns.
So beautiful, so numerous, and so fragile. The beautiful flowers that start blossoming with the coming of rain quickly wither away with a small drop in temperature. Lovers move apart, leave Finosys and leave the loved behind.
New people, new life await them else where.


In a dingy room on the fifth floor sat 4 men on chairs too weak to support their weights. In front of them was an old colour television and a DVD player.

“Insert the CD”, said one with the largest belly. The smallest belly guy put the CD into the player and waited patiently. The DVD player was an old machine which stuck more often than it played, placed in the corner on a dusty wooden stool.

It buzzed, the screen flickered, video came to life.

A deep red wall, like the ones you see on television ads. It was a textured paint, smooth, real smooth painted with a trowel and putty knife. In the centre, 4 feet from the top, was hung a circular shield, with motifs of elephants in gold. A single hatchet was slanting on it, and a vacant slot for another one.

The video panned, next to the wall stood a man, shaking violently. He dropped his hand, other hatchet hanging from it. Blood dripped on to the tiled floor.

At least the wall won’t stain and the floor will be easily cleaned, thought the man.


Wanted to rewrite this with a different opening but I am a lazy soul.


A family huddled near the trees slowly turning from green to red. The trees had seen many changes of its death that attracted the tourists. Oh, the beautiful colors.

High above, a chopper streaked past. The end is coming.


No, it’s not that. – cried I.

But they wouldn’t believe me. “It’s the movie that spooked you”. But I know what I saw and it was no figment of my imagination.

You know in the cold, the gas heaters make whistling sound. I always heard the sound and never cared until that night. It was the night I watched the Conjuring. It isn’t that scary, amityville was much scarier.

After finishing the movie, I went to the rest room. Looked out the window, a pair of chappy white lips moved in conjunction with the sound that I had always associated with hot air flowing through the metal pipes. Chill went through my spine from what I saw.

Still, today when I look from the corner of my eye, I see those chapped white lips, clear eyes staring at me and making the whistling sound.

But instead of believing me, they put me here. In this padded room. At least this place doesn’t have any heaters.

pip uses Python3 instead of Python2.7

If you are facing issue where pip chooses python3 over python2.7, then you need to use the correct alternative. Follow the following steps:

  1. First install pip for python2 and python3
    sudo zypper install python-pip python3-pip
  2. Choose the correct version
    sudo update-alternatives --config pip

    The following will be displayed

    There are 2 choices for the alternative pip (providing /usr/bin/pip).
    Selection Path Priority Status
    * 0 /usr/bin/pip3.4 30 auto mode
     1 /usr/bin/pip2.7 20 manual mode
     2 /usr/bin/pip3.4 30 manual mode
    Press enter to keep the current choice[*], or type selection number:
  3. Type 1 (option infront of pip2.7) and press Enter

Chromecast not found on Opensuse linux

If you cannot see you chromecast device on opensuse linux, it is because of the firewall. You will need to open UDP ports 32768 thru 61000.
Follow the following steps:

1. Open Control Center (Yast)
Yast-Control Center

2. Search for Firewall

3. Select Firewall

4. Select Allowed Services

5. Click on Advanced
6. Type 32768:61000 in UDP

7. Click on OK

8. Click on Next
9. Click on Finish

Click on image to see full size image.

Sleep, sleep more

There he lay in her lap, curled up in a ball. Her hands on his head sweeping through his hair, some black others grey and white. The pressure of life had squeezed the colours from his hair, but now there was hope, her caress and her warmth flowed through her hands into his soul, thawing the coldness in his heart away. She was like the bright light that catches your eye even in the glaring sunlight.

The other Apple

“Does your chest clench and breathing stop when you see my name on the Facebook or have you already blocked me?” read she.

Huh, he and his stupid statuses. Does anyone even read or do they just like to not make him feel bad?
Imagining himself to be smarter than others by using big words and twisted English – She thought and scrolled on.


Tears filled up in her eyes. How could he think like this thought she.
“Does your chest clench and breathing stop when you see my name on the Facebook timeline or have you already blocked me?” read a status. His name with a dark shadow of profile picture floated above the message.
She clicked comment, put her hands over the keyboard and wondered what she should write. Her husband walked in to the room, she quickly clicked away. Who was she kidding to? She would never reply. She was happy with her husband now, he was a better life choice than that pre-twenties love she had found. And thoughts floated away to when they were …

He cried in his pillow that night again. She wouldn’t reply. She had changed. This was what he had wanted from her. For her to live on. He didn’t want to disturb or poison her world. Then why was it so hard.

Apple, don’t do that. She said sternly to her daughter. Apple, the name they had decided they would nickname their daughter. What would he feel if he knew she named her child that?

Can someone please proofread and point out any mistakes?