Bane of humanity – Ego

There’s so much pain, sadness and trouble in this world. Destroying lives, filling hearts with hatred, replacing joy with depress. What is at the bottom of this, you may ask.

It’s ego my friend. It’s ego everywhere. Ego masks itself as hatred, as apathy, as murder, as silence, as rape. Ego is the malice, the corrupter of the society that divides it, that which undefines society and moral.

It is ego when a Muslims kills to portray his religion, it’s ego when a Christian converts tribals. It’s ego when Hindu’s deem people untouchable. It’s ego when parents break the bonds of love between young couples. It’s ego when a father chops his daughter’s head. It’s ego when a female fetus is killed. It’s ego when a son betrays his father.

When pride swells one’s head, it turns into ego. Ego is the one that stops you from learning when someone points out. It makes you go mad instead. It is what comes between you and knowledge. It is what stops you from learning from your mistakes.

Ego brings in comparison and the need to show-off. It is fascinating and frightening how ego controls us all, how it is the bane of humanity and makes us lower than animals.

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