Tears filled up in her eyes. How could he think like this thought she.
“Does your chest clench and breathing stop when you see my name on the Facebook timeline or have you already blocked me?” read a status. His name with a dark shadow of profile picture floated above the message.
She clicked comment, put her hands over the keyboard and wondered what she should write. Her husband walked in to the room, she quickly clicked away. Who was she kidding to? She would never reply. She was happy with her husband now, he was a better life choice than that pre-twenties love she had found. And thoughts floated away to when they were …

He cried in his pillow that night again. She wouldn’t reply. She had changed. This was what he had wanted from her. For her to live on. He didn’t want to disturb or poison her world. Then why was it so hard.

Apple, don’t do that. She said sternly to her daughter. Apple, the name they had decided they would nickname their daughter. What would he feel if he knew she named her child that?

Can someone please proofread and point out any mistakes?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Don’t you know?!” wanted to type she.
    But then she had this realization that it all was on her timeline.
    Her heart still clenched, she still wouldn’t make any efforts to breathe. But she quickly would delete the post from her timeline, push away the laptop and cry.
    Tears made her eyes burry but she wasn’t wanting to see anything. Lack of breath made her lungs hurt but she wasn’t wanting to feel anything.
    She was in another world, a world in which she had control a world in which she was with him a world in which she was happy.
    She wanted to stay in her world forever. But her lungs powered out and took a deep breath, something she didn’t want to.
    Her senses were back. She could feel those shackles of the real world coming back to get her. She knew she could never make it out of them. She in her helpless state laughed remembering that it was the zillionth time she was living the same sequence. She laughed for it was the zillionth time she knew it always is going to end this way.
    As she heard the shackles approach closer and closer she could hear many choices. Of those two very prominent ones said, “Well there she is, our lovely daughter.”

  2. Arpitha says:

    I’d like to know the story behind “apple”.

  3. Arpitha says:

    Why have they named her Apple?

    • Sandip says:

      You are the second person asking this. That’s a nickname. Why, I too don’t know. Think it was something like how children’s red faces are like apples and they are sweet

  4. Arpitha says:

    Alright. The last sentence indicates there might be a relation between the name and her ex. Hence the curiosity:)

  5. Anonymous says:

    At last, he turned on his pillow – Windows, his son, had again crashed down the mattress. What if I had Apple, he couldn’t help thinking. Then he remembered how a mere android did he feel in her presence, listening to her constant demands – maybe it was for the better that he left her, though with a bad sector that will never go off his memory.

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