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pip uses Python3 instead of Python2.7

If you are facing issue where pip chooses python3 over python2.7, then you need to use the correct alternative. Follow the following steps:

  1. First install pip for python2 and python3
    sudo zypper install python-pip python3-pip
  2. Choose the correct version
    sudo update-alternatives --config pip

    The following will be displayed

    There are 2 choices for the alternative pip (providing /usr/bin/pip).
    Selection Path Priority Status
    * 0 /usr/bin/pip3.4 30 auto mode
     1 /usr/bin/pip2.7 20 manual mode
     2 /usr/bin/pip3.4 30 manual mode
    Press enter to keep the current choice[*], or type selection number:
  3. Type 1 (option infront of pip2.7) and press Enter

Chromecast not found on Opensuse linux

If you cannot see you chromecast device on opensuse linux, it is because of the firewall. You will need to open UDP ports 32768 thru 61000.
Follow the following steps:

1. Open Control Center (Yast)
Yast-Control Center

2. Search for Firewall

3. Select Firewall

4. Select Allowed Services

5. Click on Advanced
6. Type 32768:61000 in UDP

7. Click on OK

8. Click on Next
9. Click on Finish

Click on image to see full size image.