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Samsung S2 thinks its charging

My phone fell into the dishwasher the other day. Sadly there was some water at the bottom and my phone became wet. Its been acting funny since then. Doesn’t charge properly, battery drains very quickly, goes to driving mode, goes to dock mode, doesn’t stay switched off.

The answer is to clean the micro-usb port. And the best way to clean it is using the tooth brush. Finally I removed the battery and put the phone behind my laptop’s vent.

I opened up my phone for fun too.IMG-20140223-WA0000


Here’s all the videos I watched for this:


The articles that I read:


Play local videos on chromecast

These steps allow you to watch movies stored on your computer on your TV using chromecast.

What you need:

  1. Chromecast
  2. Google  Chrome
  3. Google Cast Extension (get it here)
  4. VidCast Bookmark (this is an awesome bookmarklet, read more here)
  5. Web Server (try this)

Point the server to the folder where all your movies are stored.

Change port number for web server to something other than 80. Neither port 80 nor 8080 worked for me. Port 20020 worked for me.

Open Google Chrome and go to<you ip here>:<port-like-20020>/<movie-with-extension>

Now suppose you want to run movie named mymovie.mp4

For example:

Only formats listed here can be played.

Not working for you? Comment below.

Joomla Custom HTML module with javascript

I was trying to include google translate to my trust’s joomla website. There are basically two parts:

  1. Add Meta in header
  2. Add the dropdown somewhere in the page.

To add Meta you can edit the php page or edit the template. Use link:

To add the dropdown on the page, I was trying to add a Custom HTML module but the editor kept stripping the script tag (javascript), I read several blogs and trying things. Some people wrote new module, others created an HTML page and add a wrapper around it. The easiest thing that I came up with is to edit the joomla table that stores the modules details.

Create a Custom HTML module, add whatever text you need and save it. Go to your phpmyadmin, go to the table {joomlaPrefix}_modules  (normally for joomla 1.71 it is  jos171_modules), find your module and edit the Content column to include your required html/script.