The ice cream parlour

Several years had passed since the last time he had paced these paths. It brought back sweet and sour memories. Felt as if something was missing, the anguish was taking over.

Walk past it. It’s just nostalgia of this place, it will pass away.”, he lied to himself.

Nostalgia, a painful but beautiful word. Originating from Greek nostos (return home) and algos (pain). He was in pain that he had to return.

Treading the path, he saw that ice-cream parlour on the left. The place it had started all those years ago. A place full of cheerful people in groups of two or three. A place for budding friendships and love.

Love another awful word. Would you believe me if I said the word love shares root with Sanskrit lubhyati meaning desire? It could be lubhati in Hindi. So is love just desire, the need to have someone or something. Is the concept that love is above desires just another lie, just like her promises?

The beautiful vinyl wallpapers of orange had faded away. The place was empty, a staff hopeful on seeing him looking at the parlour. But he walked on.

So the place where it had begun had begun to wither away just like his love, the hopeful eyes of the staff reminded him of the hope he had that they would be together. They knew every moment they were together was just like stealing moments from someone else’s life. It was doomed to end this way, no amount of hope could keep them together. The world was acting against them.

He moved on towards the new place he had rented. If only I could have lived somewhere else, somewhere far from memories that were to painful to keep in the heart. The souvenirs of old aches and wounds were coming back.

He had to move on, walk past this place so often, he could learn to live with it.

Next time he walked past the ice-cream parlour, he kept his eyes straight. I am not going to look at it, pretend it doesn’t exists, pretend nothing happened.

And he walked past that place several times. One day he observed the place was under construction. So the place had died out just like his love.

Something new was to open up, something that will bring others closer and no one would remember that old ice cream place. No one would miss it.

Wonder what is going to open up.

A few days later, a donut place opened up. He got a coupon, buy one get one free. He had to go, he wasn’t going to miss this chance. Will he meet someone to share the free donut with? Is that what this new place brings?

Time Travel, should I?

After years of dedicated work and being labelled a loon, I have invented the machine that will displace my body through time. Historically we have been taught to think of time as something passing. To quote the movie “The Man From Earth”, moving from what you were a nano-second to what you will be a nano-second later.

I have a great dilemma, should I now use this machine to travel through time or not. What are the implications of using it and what losses if I don’t use this invention.

On one hand, I have no idea where I will end up or when. My calculations make sense but will they be accurate enough?

What if I do travel to the past and some how I contaminate not just the time line but also the environment. I have faced so many diseases and have been vaccinated several others, what if I carry the pathogen to the past and the people there are not immune and all die. Remember the Columbian exchange that wiped out large percentage of native Americans? How badly would that contaminate the time line.

Same thing could happen if I travelled to the future. I may travel to a place where all diseases that I carry were eradicated long ago and no one is immunized against them any more. Like no one gets smallpox vaccine any more. Lot of people would perish.

And what if I don’t use the machine and I was supposed to. What if I was to carry and leave behind strange cells of diseases roaming in my body and affect the way earth’s ecosystem grows. But what if I was the one who introduced life on earth or pass on the disease that will kill a small percentage of people and immunize the rest of the world against it.

What is the price of my using the machine?

I am not acting nervous for no reason. Remember the earth is running around the sun. The sun is on the journey around the center of the galaxy and the galaxy is going god knows where. What if there are things I don’t know and I end up in a time where earth is at a different location in space. My blood would boil away in the vacuum, there is no return from that.

What should I do?

Got cheated at CCD – True story

#CCD #incorrectBill order at #InorbitMall, Link Road, Malad, Mumbai. We ordered 2 Cafe Latte (small), 1 Irish Coffee without cream and a chocolate fantasy. CCD charged Rs. 615. We requested a bill on payment and we were assured the bill would be sent with the order.
We discussed among ourselves that the bill amount sounded higher than expected.
Order arrived, two small Cafe Latte, one Irish Coffee and chocolate fantasy. We asked for the bill again. Both lattes and the chocolate fantasy were served cold. We requested they be heated and asked for the bill again.
A moment later the items were brought to our table. We reminded for the bill again.
We had requested for the bill four times so far. After two to three more requests, the staff said they had misplaced the bill.
We asked how they could have misplaced the bill. We were adamant about the bill, we said we didn’t care how they brought the bill but we needed the bill.

After two more follow ups, someone from the staff brought two order slips containing our order but no bill. On closer examination, we saw the staff was trying to mislead us. The slips had different order numbers and had time difference of an hour between them. I have attached the pic of both these slips.

If you look closely, first slip has two cappuccino and a Irish coffee at 19:30, order number 30, table number 0501 while the second slip had 1 Choco fantasy new at 20:51, order number 100, table number 0101. We had arrived at around 20:00. This was a blatant case of lie and cheating. This couldn’t be a case of human error, when the staff wasn’t providing the bill and the slips had different timing.

We asked the manager again for the bill. He said the system didn’t have an optiont to print duplicate bill. Being software engineers ourselves, we thought that was stupid. After this, two of us went to order counter again and asked the manager to recreate the order and cancel the order before payment, so they could check the amount. He punched in something and they saw the number 615, however they couldn’t read the order properly as the monitor was at an awkward angle. “The staff wouldn’t cheat us and dare to show the wrong order”, they thought. They came back saying they had seen 615, but not the order. It still looked fishy, even with the tax the amount couldn’t be so high, we had checked Zomato for the rates and we had calculated tax at around 21%.

So we went and asked for the bill again, the manager said, “sir, the system doesn’t lie”. But we didn’t budge, we want our bill.

He asked us to be seated and he would find the bill. Then he saw him leave silently. A few moments later, we could see the staff shuffling through a pile of bills and pulling our bill from among them. And it was brought neatly to our desk.

Here comes end to the mystery on how the amount was so high. We had been charged for two Vanilla Latte – large instead of two cafe Latte – small. The extra Rs. 90 and tax put things together.

We asked for the manager, the other staff said he had gone out for a moment and would be back. We waited and inquired again. Waited some more.

Then another staff came with a note of Rs. 50 and some change coins and asked us to take the extra amount we had been charged.

We refused. It wasn’t about the Rs. 100 more that we had been charged , it was about the principle, it was about the malafide intention of the staff. It was about reducing the cool bunch of us out to enjoy an evening into a quarrelling bunch at a mall. It was about the faces other customers made at us when they saw us sternly speaking at the counter. It wasn’t about the money.

We went to the counter and requested for the manager again, “he is coming”, was the response we got, again and again and again. 20 minutes passed, with no sign of the manager.

The other staff claimed they didn’t know the name of the manager. One staff however said the name was Makdum.
We called the CCD customer care and got a complaint number 88484 in SMS, a phone call sometime later. A request to got to the nearest CCD for refund of the extra amount charged and a promise for a follow up call on written apology. It has been two days and no response from CCD so far.

What reason would a manager have to make a bill with higher amount? The extra money wouldn’t go in his pocket, he probably cannot sell the other item anywhere. At first I thought may be the franchise owner asked the manager to charge extra but the CCD at Inorbit mall is a direct shop and not a franchise. So next question is whether CCD has this policy at the company level.


Setting up xdebug on scotch box/vagrant on Arch linux

Install Vagrant

sudo pacman -S vagrant

To install virtualbox

mkdir works

git clone works

cd works

vagrant up

install sublime 3

install package control on sublime 3

install openssh

vagrant ssh
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install php5-dev php-pear build-essential
sudo pecl install xdebug

copy the location
you can also find it with find / -name ‘’


in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

; Added to enable Xdebug ;
zend_extension="[enter path here]"
xdebug.remote_host= ; IDE-Environments IP, from vagrant box.

sudo service php5-fpm restart
sudo service apache2 restart

refresh phpinfo to check xdebug

in sublime -> tools -> command pallete

install package

xdebug client

Project -> Save project as

"path": "/home/username/works/public"
"settings": {
"xdebug": {
"url": "",
"port": 9000,
"path_mapping": {"/var/www/public/" : "/home/username/works/public/"},
"super_globals": true,
"close_on_stop": true

Fixing Sony MDR-XB400

Recently I sat on a Sony MDR XB400 Stereo Headphone. One side of the headphone poped out of the socket.


Below are the steps to fix the issue.

Wedge a screw driver below the silver cap and push to remove the silver cap.


A screw will be visible. Remove the screw.


Put the pieces apart


Wedge the screwdriver at the base of the holder to remove the cap.


Here is the cap is removed.


Once the cover is removed, slide the holder onto the headband.


Stick things back and screw it tightly.


Replace the silver cap back.

One thing to keep in mind is to keep the wires straight, you don’t want them looping.



To the bus bay

A different day indeed.
Finosys has been a land of fresh couple falling and learning to swim in love for the first time.
As I walked towards the bus bay, I saw a scene I had never seen before. A girl in teary voice yelling at the top of her voice at a boy much taller than her. She spoke in a language I hardly understood and didn’t want to hear at all at that moment. Her pitch and tone however spoke of a reply to the accusations the boy must have made.

So sad to have seen such a scene.

I moved ahead, the girls shrills had hardly left me when I saw a girl, tall and beautiful, rosy cheeks gazing at the boy walking together her with so much love and affection that it leaked. Her face gave a sense that there was no one in the wide world she would rather gaze.
The boy in return replying with a loving smile with his eyes.
I glanced downwards and saw them holding hands. Are they aware that they are holding hands or is it just second nature?
Had I ever held hands without knowing it?

But now that I sit to write this piece, more sinister thoughts move through me. How long will they be together?
Most love that blossom in Finy is like the white flowers that blossom in Finy’s vast lawns.
So beautiful, so numerous, and so fragile. The beautiful flowers that start blossoming with the coming of rain quickly wither away with a small drop in temperature. Lovers move apart, leave Finosys and leave the loved behind.
New people, new life await them else where.


In a dingy room on the fifth floor sat 4 men on chairs too weak to support their weights. In front of them was an old color television and a DVD player.

“Insert the cd”, said one with the largest belly. The smallest belly guy put the cd into the player and waited patiently. The DVD player was an old machine which stuck more often than it played, placed in the corner on a dusty wooden stool.

The DVD buzzed, the screen flickered, video came to life.

A deep red wall, like the ones you see on television ads. It was a textured paint, smooth, real smooth painted with a trowel and putty knife. In the center, 4 feet from the top, was hung a circular shield, with motifs of elephants in gold. A single hatchet was slanting on it, and a vacant slot for another one.

The video panned, next to the wall stood a man, shaking violently. He dropped his hand, other hatchet hanging from it. Blood dripped on to the tiled floor.

At least the wall won’t stain and the floor will be easily cleaned, thought the man.


Wanted to rewrite this with a different opening but I am a lazy soul.